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Notice on 02/01


Maintenance Announcement
Dear players, in order to ensure stable server operations, Lovebrush Chronicles will be undergoing server maintenance on February 1, 2024, at 9:25(UTC+8). The maintenance is expected to take 1-1.5 hours, and you will be unable to log in during this time. We ask for your patience and understanding throughout the maintenance.
All players who have created a character before the maintenance on 2/1 will receive a compensation of 30 Diamonds and 2,000 Gold. If there is a delay, a compensation of 1 Iced Americano and 1,000 Gold will be provided for every additional hour.


Private Vacation
The new Private Vacation event will be launching on 2/1/2024 after the update and will be available until February 15, 2024, at 4:00(UTC+8).

Event Content:
1.Private Vacation: Log in during the event and sign in to receive 150 Diamonds on the 1st and the 7th days, the Milanese Artisan Outfit on the 2nd day, and the Milanese Artisan Puppet on the 9th day.
2.Limited-time Illustra Pool: The Private Vacation limited-time Illustra Pool is now available. [SSR Illustra] Lars - Leisurely Conversation, [SSR Illustra] Ayn - Tender Embrace, [SR Illustra] Alkaid - Accommodating, and [SR Illustra] Clarence – Decisive will enjoy a Chance UP. Illustras in this series will no longer be available after the event. Event-limited 3-Star Pictura "Blossom Promise" and 2-Star Pictura "Doll House" will be added to the Pictura Pool, and they will enjoy a Chance UP during the event.
3.Vending Machine: Participate in Private Vacation and exchange the event tickets you obtain for an exclusive Avatar Frame, Avatar, Old Dutch Paint, training materials, and other rewards.
4.Vacation Packs: Various Paint Packs and High Value Packs will be available during the event.
5.Academy Outfits: New Academy Outfits are here! Change your look and the appearance of other characters in the academy. 6 new Academy Outfits and Puppet Outfits, an Academy Outfit Pack, and a Vacation Super Outfit Pack will be added. Sign in to claim the Milanese Artisan Puppet and Academy Outfits.
*Academy Outfit Pack: Includes 150 Diamonds; one of Alkaid's, Ayn's, Cael's, Clarence's, and Lars' Puppets of your choice, and the corresponding Academy Outfit. Limited to 1 purchase per account.
*Vacation Super Outfit Pack: Includes 520 Diamonds; one of Alkaid's, Ayn's, Cael's, Clarence's, and Lars' Puppets of your choice, the corresponding Academy Outfit, and 50 Film Vouchers. Limited to 5 purchases per account. Duplicate purchases of owned outfits will be converted into 630 Buttons.
After February 15, 2024, at 4:00(UTC+8), the limited-time Packs will be permanently removed. The Puppet Outfits and Academy Outfits will be made available at the price of 450 Buttons each, or a total of 900 Buttons per pair. These outfits cannot be obtained with Film Vouchers.
6.Invitation Calls: Added vacation invitation calls. Log in during the event and clear Common Story 16-3 to receive them.
7.Vacation Voice: Log in on 2/1 to unlock 2 Date Voices for each character. One will be automatically unlocked upon logging in. The other is an event-limited voice line. Access the Date page after the update after February 2, 2024, at 9:30(UTC+8) to obtain it. These voice lines can be unlocked with Four-leaf Clovers after the event has ended.
Haunted House, Animal Bowling, Wishing Tree, Vacation Story, Vending Machine, and Gorilla Power Meter will be available during this event.
1.Vacation Story: By completing Theme Park attractions with a companion, you can unlock his Main stories. Additional stories will appear on the map when certain requirements are fulfilled. Be sure to pay attention to the changes on your map so that you won't miss any stories!
2.Animal Bowling: Stages will consist of three difficulties. Clear each difficulty to obtain the corresponding rewards, including Diamonds and tickets.
3.Wishing Tree: You can make a wish and hang up the wishing tag here. Lantern Monsters will arrive to cause trouble. Fight them off to obtain tickets. Receive additional tickets from the Ticket Box during idle periods.
4.Haunted House: You will encounter ghosts that drop tickets and Haunted House Events that increase character Affinity. Do your best to find the right path and find your companion to complete one difficulty. Complete Difficulty III to obtain [SR Illustra] Cael - Recreation x1.
5.Gorilla Power Meter: This Hard Instance will unlock on day 3 of the event and requires Gorilla Coins to enter. You will receive 1 Gorilla Coin on your first entry, and you can obtain more from the Vending Machine. In Gorilla Power Meter, you will accumulate damage for 10 turns, and rewards will be distributed based on your total damage dealt. Enter Focus Fire for 10 seconds when all Illustra Ultimates are at 100%, then tap the screen rapidly to deal massive damage. Focus Fire bonuses differ depending on the companion you choose.
6.Vending Machine: Collect tickets to obtain Old Dutch Paint, [SR Illustra] Cael - Recreation, and other Illustra training materials.

System Update

1.The Affinity level cap for main characters has been increased to 17, and Affinity events for Lv. 16-17 have been added.
2.Added a 5th stage to Daily Practice's Aurora Theater, Art Supplies, Mock Battle, and In Dreams. Stage 5 comes with increased difficulty and training material drop rates.
3. Improved some story text.

Lovebrush Chronicles Operations Team

Pre-registration for the all-new mobile love story Lovebrush Chronicles is now available

Pre-registration for the all-new mobile love story Lovebrush Chronicles is now available
Lovebrush Chronicles is a mobile romance game based around the concept of parallel universes, completely voiced by a star-studded cast of voice actors and created in collaboration with top artists.