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St. Shelter Princess Day will begin on 11/16


Maintenance Announcement
Greetings, everyone! To ensure server stability, Lovebrush Chronicles servers will be going offline for maintenance starting on November 16, 2023, at 9:25(UTC+8). The maintenance is expected to take 1-1.5 hours, during which players will not be able to log in to the game. Thank you for your patience.
Painters who created their characters on or before the maintenance on November 16 will receive 30 Diamonds and 2,000 Gold as compensation. In the event of a delay, painters will additionally receive 1 Iced Americano and 1,000 Gold per hour delayed.

Princess Day

Starting today,we welcome a two-week-long special holiday.St.Shelter Academia has been adorned in glamorous decorations,awaiting each participant...
"The mellow scent of coffee lingers in the air.
Someone has left a mysterious message..."
Collect materials and complete quests within the time limit to unlock each part of the event.
The event-limited Coffee Shop Minigame and Event Shop filled with goodies also await you!
About the Event
Upcoming Event:St.Shelter Princess Day
1.Event Period:After the update on November 16 to November 30,2023,at 4:00(UTC+8)
2.After the event ends,the Event Shop will be available until November 30,2023,at 4:00(UTC+8)
Event Content
1.A Mystery Person's Invitation
Enter the St.Shelter Princess Day Event to get 300 Diamonds,2 Rich Lattes,and 500 Tin Coins via mail.
2.Princess Day Gift Sign-in
During the event,sign in to get 150 Diamonds on Day 1,William R Illustra"Maid Service"on Day 2,1 Rich Latte on Day 3,and 200 Diamonds on Day 8.
3.Free O'Connor SR:Artistic Breeze
You can get the free O'Connor SR"Artistic Breeze"by redeeming rewards in the Event Shop or collecting Letter Rewards.
You can get up to 6"Artistic Breeze"Illustras during this event.
4.Event Shop
Take part in the St.Shelter Princess Day Event and collect event items to get an exclusive Avatar Frame,Old Dutch Paint,Diamonds,training materials,and more!
5.New Items
New Puppet Clothing"Your Highness Meow"and Puppet Style"Fantasy Celebration"will be available in the Puppet Theater.
Themed Gift Packs including"Your Highness Meow"will be available in the Shop.
Event Description
◆Participation Requirement:
Complete the Godheim-Common Story 16-3
During the event,you can access the St.Shelter Princess Day Event map via"Princess Day"on the main menu(Home).
During the event,play event instances and the Coffee Shop Minigame to collect event items,which can be redeemed for rewards in the Event Shop.
The Hard Instance"Rampaging Prize Claw"will become available on Day 3.Be sure to adjust your formation accordingly before challenging!
◆Time-limited Event Content:
1.St.Shelter Princess Day Princess Day Illustras will be available in Sketch during the event.
2.During the event,there will be event-limited Picturas in the Pictura Pool.
3.New limited-edition Princess Day Gift Packs will be available for purchase during the event.
◆Please Note:
1.The event SR Illustra"Artistic Breeze"does not grant any"Incomplete Work"after being disassembled.A total of 6 of this Illustra are available for free during the event,and it will not be added to the event pools and permanent pool.
2.The event SR Illustra"Personal Butler"and the event R Illustra"Maid Service"will be available in the Illustra pool for the first time during the St.Shelter Princess Day Event.However,the chance to draw the SR Illustra"Personal Butler"will not be increased.These two Illustras will be added to the event pools and permanent pool after the event ends.
3.After the St.Shelter Princess Day event ends,Ayn"Waiter for a Day",Clarence"Looking Over You",Lars"The Pleasure Is All Mine",and Alkaid"Operation Bartender"will not be added to the permanent pool for now.

Ayn's Birthday

Ayn's 2023 Birthday Event
1.Event Period:
·Southeast Asian server:November 21,2023,at 0:00(UTC+7)-November 26,2023,at 3:00(UTC+7)
·European and American server:November 21,2023,at 0:00(UTC-5)-November 25,2023,at 15:00(UTC-5)
·If your Affinity with Ayn is at least Lv.5,you'll receive a call from him during the event and begin an exclusive interactive story.
·Complete the birthday story to claim the free animated Illustra"Rabbit Cake"."Rabbit Cake"is an interactive Illustra.Touching different parts of it will trigger movements and voice lines!
·Birthday Illustras come with a maxed Ultimate,and they do not have a Tier V Ascension Illustra,and cannot be obtained via the permanent pool.
3.Limited Illustra Pool
·Event Period:After the maintenance on November 16,2023-November 26,2023,at 4:00(UTC+8)
Special Ayn Illustra Pool Available
·Increased chance to get SSR Ayn“Afternoon Nap”,“Captive of Past”,and“Ebon Rook”Illustra,and they have a 70%SSR chance of that pool!
·Increased chance to get SR Ayn Illustras,and they have a 50%SR chance of that pool!
4.Birthday Box:
Ayn's Birthday Outfit Pack will be available in the Shop from November 16,2023 to November 26,2023,at 4:00(UTC+8).Buy the pack to get Ayn's Date Outfit"Limited-edition Rabbit"and 128 Diamonds.
A new Birthday Box is redeemable in the shop.It will drop Ayn Affinity items.Each box costs 90 Diamonds and contains 15 gifts.This box will only be available during Ayn's birthday event,and up to 3 boxes can be purchased.
5.A new Map area"Secret Base"will be added in Date after the maintenance on November 16,2023.

System Update
The Halloween Event R Illustra"Masked Tuxedo"has been added to the permanent pool and event pool,and the Halloween Event Picturas"Dessert Time"and"Magical Halloween"have been added to the permanent and event Pictura pools.
After this week's update,a new feature,Formation Picturas,will be added to the Formation system.You will be able to pre-set Picturas for each Illustra in your formation.When you switch formations or start a battle,you can tap Apply to apply pre-set Formation Picturas to the current Illustras in the formation.

1.Fixed an issue in which the time was displayed incorrectly in the Chat.
2.Optimized trigger requirements for the"Whispers in the Night"achievement.Now,the time at which the achievement triggers will be consistent with the device time.
3.Fixed an issue in which some story text displayed incorrectly.

Lovebrush Chronicles Operations Team


Pre-registration for the all-new mobile love story Lovebrush Chronicles is now available

Pre-registration for the all-new mobile love story Lovebrush Chronicles is now available
Lovebrush Chronicles is a mobile romance game based around the concept of parallel universes, completely voiced by a star-studded cast of voice actors and created in collaboration with top artists.