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Lovebrush Chronicles Closed Beta Test Announcement


【Test Period】
August 11th, 9:00 - August 24th, 9:00 (UTC+8)

【 Download Link】


After this closed beta test (CBT) ends, all player account data will be deleted. Please bind your account before you top up. Otherwise, you may not be able to collect CBT purchase bonuses after the game officially launches.


The activities and gameplay open for this test are as follows:
Test Benefits
[Freshman Bonus]
1. First Encounter Gift
Sign in daily to get [Diamonds], [Astral Bell · Shattered], and Clarence SR [Bookworm].
2. Plan Ahead
Join the adventure in Plan Ahead and embark on a series of quests to earn Diamonds daily. Be rewarded with up to 2,250 Diamonds in this 7-day event. Complete all quests to obtain Lars SR [Grandmaster].
3. Heartfelt Promise
Don't miss out on daily logins and in-game events to earn points and unlock exclusive Open Beta rewards such as Avatar Frames, items, and more.
4. Item Acquisition Boost
Prepare for a major boost in rewards! The Puppet Theater and Dates grant more Film Vouchers and Four-leaf Clovers, respectively.
5. Early Bird Rewards
During the test, players will be gifted a total of 100 [Old Dutch Paint] and 500 Diamonds via in-game mail.
6. Questionnaire Rewards
Complete two in-game questionnaires to receive 300 Diamonds.
7. Purchase Bonuses
· During the test period, your top-ups will earn you double the Diamonds in the open beta version.
*The maximum purchase limit for this event is 333 USD / 40,000 JPY. Please spend responsibly.
*How to Claim: The rewards will be sent to the first character created in the Open Beta. Please note that rewards can only be claimed by using the same platform and account as the CBT.
Any decimals will be rounded up.
8. Journey's Start Gift Box
· Get an SR Illustra and other rewards by making a qualifying purchase for the First Purchase Rewards. The gift box contains 60 Stamina, 5,000 Gold, and Alkaid SR [Dawn and Dusk].

Gameplay Preview
1. [Artistic Odyssey]
Engage in different activities on your way to becoming a great artist, such as Aurora Theater, Art Supplies, Mock Battle, In Dreams, and Pictura Memories. These activities become available as you progress through the main story and increase your player level.
2. [Godheim Main Story]
Academy Group Story, Ayn’s Story, Alkaid’s Story, and Lars’ Story are fully available. Clarence's Story is also available, up to chapter 12.
3. [Campus Sketch]
Explore the campus to find inspiration and gift paintings. Unlocks after completing Alkaid's Story 2 or Ayn's Story 2.
4. [Date Mode]
Unlocks after completing Group Story 4. Uncover exciting Live2D interactions and intimate audio conversations by planning your outings to different locations.
5. [Itinerary Mode]
Unlocks after completing Group Story 17. You will get one chance per day to plan the Itinerary. Choose what interests you and participate in a variety of activities together.
6. [Affinity System]
Increase Affinity to trigger Chibi events, Video Calls, and more. Advancing through the story will earn you Commemorative Badges and unlock new entries in your Notebook.
7. [LOFTER] (In-game virtual LOFTER platform)
Share your artwork on LOFTER. Interact and increase Affinity by commenting on others' works.
8. [Puppet Theater]
After completing Alkaid's Story 2 or Ayn's Story 2 and reaching player Lv.12, you can create Mini Puppet Theater shows and publish them. Watching and liking other players' shows will reward you with [Film Vouchers] and unlock Puppet Outfits.
9. [Chronicles]
Once you complete the prologue, Chronicles will unlock, giving you access to Illustra Group Stories and other extra adventures.
10. [Gallery]
· Your first 20 sketches guarantee an SSR Illustra.
· Shattered Cage banner available from August 16.
The chance of obtaining Clarence SSR [Cage of Guilt], Lars SR [Hitch of Gold], Alkaid SR [Cage of Thorns], and Ayn SR [Unsheathed Blade] has been increased in this banner! When you draw an SSR or SR, there is a 50% chance that it'll be one of the featured Illustra. Plus, you can earn Sketch rewards. After 160 Sketches, you'll receive a [Cage of Thorns Box] that lets you choose from either Ayn SSR [Prisoner of the Past] or Clarence SSR [Cage of Guilt].
11. [Other Game Modes and Systems]
Achievements, Codex, Art Exhibition Promo, Shop, Daily Quests, Sign-In, Friends, and Assist systems are now available.


Lovebrush Chronicles Operations Team

Pre-registration for the all-new mobile love story Lovebrush Chronicles is now available

Pre-registration for the all-new mobile love story Lovebrush Chronicles is now available
Lovebrush Chronicles is a mobile romance game based around the concept of parallel universes, completely voiced by a star-studded cast of voice actors and created in collaboration with top artists.